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      Wuxi city Hongxing Chemical Industry Factory

      Professional supplier of organic alkoxy phosphate series products

      Mainly produce 8 specifications of three varieties of triisobutyl phosphate, tributyl phosphate and triethyl phosphate

      Our Products

      Specialized in the production of organic alkane (oxy) phosphate series of joint-stock cooperative enterprises, mainly producing three varieties of tri isobutyl phosphate, tributyl phosphate, triethyl phosphate, eight specifications

      Wuxi Hongxing Chemical Plant is a stock cooperative enterprise engaged in manufacturing of organic alkyl phosphate products. It is located in scenic Donggang Town of Wuxi. It is about 120km to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, 20km to Wuxi Sunan International Airport, 160km to Nanjing Lukou International Airport, 18km to Hu-Ning highway, 25km to Jiangyin harbor and Zhangjiagang, and 25km to Xi-gang highway. In brief, there is convenient transportation condition.


      It was founded in 1991. Main products are tri-isobutyl phosphate, Tributyl phosphate and triethyl phosphate in 8 specifications. Our company covers 11240m2. Total assets are 27.9 million Yuan. Fixed assets are 8.5 million Yuan. There are 37 employees.


      In 1997, our company got self-managerial import & export authority. In 1999, we passed ISO9001 international quality system authentication. In 2003, high purity triethyl phosphate was awarded as Jiangsu province high tech product and listed in “State Spark Plan Project”. In 2004 and 2005, our triethyl phosphate and tributyl phosphate won 3rd prize of technology improvement from Wuxi and Xishan Government.

      News center


      Enterprise tenet

      Market-oriented, technology-driven

      Make the best use of everything

      Quality-oriented, reputation first

      Benefit first, management oriented

      Business purpose

      Run scientific modern management methods

      Continuous pursuit of consumption minimization

      Optimal conditions for maximizing benefits


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      contact us

      Add: #33, Xigangxi Road, Donggang Town, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

      P.C.: 214196

      Tel: +86-510-88791145;88796098

      Fax: +86-510-88796813

      Contact: Yao Guoliang +86-13906173553
          Song Bo: +86-15861580001 QQ: 410992138


      Wuxi city Hongxing Chemical Industry Factory
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